Service policies and fees

Find Carers ACT’s Service policies and fees here.  Read more about how we can best support you in your caring role.


Being an independent Home Care Package Provider means that we do not have an in-house workforce to provide you with services. We book all our services with external providers so we are able to give you the flexibility to choose and change your service providers and the peace of mind to know that you won’t be locked in with a service provider you don’t like. 

Carers ACT will be your one point of contact and, in negotiation with you, we will book the service providers of your choice from our approved provider list, saving you time and stress.

We will provide monthly statements, so you know where you’re up to with your package spending and we do not charge the basic daily fee. 

Our low fees allow you to utilise 75% of your package amount for your choice of goods and services.

Home Care Package Fees have different levels based on the needs of the person you care for.

Fees in detail

Deakin Cottage and Naraganawali Cottage enable carers to have a short break, by providing day programs and short term accommodation for people who are frail and ageing and/or have dementia. Our cottages are low care services. They are open to all ACT seniors or people with early onset dementia depending on individual care needs. Priority will be given to clients with dementia. 


Find a cottage

Bookings available for 24/7 care.

If you have been referred by My Aged Care for support through this program, we can assist with the purchase of equipment up to the value of $500. Clients with low income or financial hardship will be prioritised. This service is available to ACT residents only.

We request a client contribution of 15% towards the cost of the equipment.

NOTE: If this fee is unaffordable, Carers ACT will discuss and agree an affordable fee. Clients will not be refused service on ability to pay.


Support Item Number
Support Item Name
Group based attendance at the Hub (and short notice cancellations) 04_170_0136_6_1_T Group Activities in a centre 1:3 -Standard-Weekday Daytime-TTP  $28.75
per hour
Group based attendance at the Hub –  (and short notice cancellations)





Group Activities in a centre 1:2 -Standard-Weekday Daytime-TTP


per hour
Individual support (and short notice cancellations) 04_160_0136_6_1_T Group Activities in a centre 1:1 -Standard-Weekday Daytime-TTP


per hour
Activity based transport 04_591_0136_6_1 Going out into the community in a car

Or Bus


*Note this cost is shared by all participants in the vehicle

per kilometre in a car



per kilometre and parking costs or other travel costs if applicable

Provider Travel – non-labour 04_799_0136_6_1


Provider Travel – Non-Labour Costs $0.97 per kilometre and parking costs or other travel costs if applicable
Provider travel-labour costs (time) 04_160_0136_6_1_T




Provider travel-labour costs (time) $66.32
per hour with maximum 30 minutes one way
Establishment fee (new participants only)  04_049_0136_1_1 Establishment Fee for New Participation $621.70


Carers ACT is a TTP Provider.  Please refer to the NDIS Website and Price Guide for further information.

NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits Price Guide 2022-23 Version 1.0 Publication date 01/07/2022. NDIS Pricing is subject to change.


How to access these services

You will need to be referred to these services by a My Aged Care Assessor. 

Your Assessor can make a direct referral to us on your behalf or you can request a referral to Carers ACT.  Once we receive the referral information, we will call you to discuss your needs. 

You are also able to contact us directly with your referral information. This service is available from 10am to 2pm Monday to Friday by calling (02) 6296 9922 or via email 

Don’t have a My Aged Care Referral? 

To find out if you need an assessment and if you are eligible for help at home services, you should call My Aged Care on 1800 200 422.