About us

We are the voice for carers in the ACT and can provide emotional and practical support to all unpaid carers.

We can connect you to other carers, provide advice and guidance, give you a break when you need it and offer services to help share the care.

What we do

We are your trusted partner in caring, connecting carers to the support they need in the ACT.

We partner with more than 3,700 carers each year – empowering them in their roles as carers and providing information, services, care or advocacy on a greater scale.

We support carers to maintain their personal wellbeing and participate in everyday activities such as employment, education and social activities.

We work with industry, government and the community to create a Canberra that cares for carers.

We drive partnerships with key influencers, the corporate world, the community and Government to build awareness, recognition and support for carers.

We are also a proud member of the National Network of Carer Associations, working in partnership to promote awareness of carers and the issues related to the caring role.

Partnership broker

Partner with carers to be a trusted source of information and connection.

Drive partnerships with key influencers that build awareness and recognition of carers.

Collaborate with others in the community to connect carers to information, support and services.

Collaborate with the National Network and Carers Australia to form a trusted partner for carers and government nationally.

Responsible Decision Maker

Implement business processes and governance that allows the organisation to respond effectively and efficiently to the changing environment.

Ensure the organisation remains viable and capable of delivering services of value to carers.

Maintain accreditation and identity as a quality service provider.

Actively pursue opportunities that enables our purpose and mission

Key Influencer

Use our expertise and sphere of influence to raise awareness, affect policy and enhance services for carers.

Ensure the voices of carers are heard in the formation of policy.

Influence the implementation of the ACT Carers Strategy.

Partner with carers to influence the services and systems they interact with and that impact the caring role


Collaborate to ensure that carers are able to access quality services in the community that respond to and meet their needs.

Provide services that have a positive impact on carers and enables them to continue in their caring role.

Assist carers to navigate through service systems to ensure they can access the services and supports that are available to them and the person they care for.

Our Impact

Sometimes it’s hard to measure the impact we have for carers in our community. Many carers tell us that what they value most is simply been seen, understood and valued, and knowing support is available if they need it.

We love that we can offer a feeling of togetherness and sharing the care in this way, but we also work hard for tangible outcomes for individual carers and across the community.

Read about some of our recent advocacy achievements, carer impacts and community initiatives below.

“Carers ACT is a fierce advocate for carers and their needs.”