Find Carers ACT’s resources for carers and the community here.  Learn useful tips for your wellbeing as well as how to navigate the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic with the person you care for.

Carers ACT 2018-19 ACT Budget Submission (October 2017)Carers ACT submission to ACT Government 2018-19 Budget – A Canberra that cares for carers – an ACT Carers Strategy

What do ACT mental health carers need from mental health clinicians (August 2017) One recurring issue in mental health carer advocacy has been that mental health carers feel confused, unsupported, overwhelmed and/or excluded by the very mental health system that treats the person they care for. 

Inquiry into school to work transition (July 2017) Carers ACT Submission to Standing Committee on Education, Employment and Training. 

Submission re Inquiry into the extent nature and consequence of insecure work in the ACT (June 2017) Carers ACT Submission to the ACT Legislative Assembly Standing Committee on Education, Employment and Youth Affairs 

Restrictive Practices (March 2017) Carers ACT comment on: An overview of restrictive practices, and the key issues for consideration in relation to the establishment of an Office of the Senior Practitioner. 

Carers ACT NDIS and Carers Survey Report (February 2017) Is the National Disability Insurance Scheme supporting unpaid carers of people with a disability? 

Carers ACT 2016 ACT Election Booklet Carers ACT seeks commitment by all political parties and candidates to recognise the vital contribution carers make to our community and economy by developing and implementing an ACT Carers Strategy. 

Carers ACT 2017-18 Budget Submission Dec 2016 Response to the ACT Government’s invitation to comment on priority commitments for its 2017-18 Budget. 

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Ways to help people engage and accept services during COVID 19 (June 2020)

Commissioned by Carers ACT and developed by the Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Advisory of Canberra Health Services. This Fact Sheet gives carers practical “How to” help the person you care for engage and accept support during this COVID-19 public emergency.

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The ACT Carers Recognition Act (The ACT) recognises and acknowledges carers in law. 

The ACT outlines the principles by which services, programs and government bodies should treat carers.  

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The Carer Recognition Act is a set of principles that support people in care relationships.

Under The Carer Recognition Act, Care organisations (such as GP clinics, allied health, hospitals, mental health services and community sector organisations) will have to follow the principles of the Act and report on what they have done.  Carer and care support agencies will be required to comply and report on these principles.

Carers ACT can provide resources, staff education and support for your health organisation to become Carer Friendly, allowing you to meet the Carer Recognition Act requirements and provide quality care that recognises the important care relationship you see in action every day.


What might a carer friendly health practice look like?

Carers who visit the service
  • Are seen, acknowledged and offered service supports for themselves.
  • Can access resources and information related to their role, health and wellbeing.
  • Are aware of the care relationship principles and what they can expect from you through posters and other printed materials.
  • Are invited to discussion.
Carers who use the service
  • Are considered experts and actively engaged in care planning.
  • Have had conversations about their needs and the services available.
  • Are offered consultation times mindful of their caring duties.
  • Have the opportunity to regularly provide feedback e.g. through surveys.
  • Are able to make reasonable requests that support their service access.
Carers who work in the service
  • Are aware of the Act and the care relationship principles through service wide training.
  • Can access paid carer’s leave and engage in flexible working arrangements.

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Did you know that in every workforce, 1 in 8 people also provide regular care to a friend, partner, family member or neighbour? Carers ACT can support unpaid carers in your workplace with free counselling, coaching, social events and practical supports to help them balance their work-life and caring role.

Carers Week (16-22 Oct) is a great time to support and celebrate unpaid carers in your business.  Ask about celebration events for carers, a workplace talk, HR resources or how we can help your organisation Share the Care at Work.

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The Carer Navigator is an online resource to help mental health carers navigate the mental health system in the ACT.  

It includes information about the stepped system of care used in the ACT, how to find services appropriate for your needs, information about carer rights and supports and even a guide to the language used in the mental health system.  

The Carer Navigator is maintained and updated by Mental Health Carers Voice. 

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Mental Health Carers Voice - Carers ACT

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A Carer’s Guide to Respite and Wellbeing

A tool to help support family and friend care givers to find a balance in caring and looking after yourself.

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