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A Canberra that cares for carers

Carers ACT works actively with businesses, schools and other groups to help the community better understand and support carers, and to value caring as a normal part of life.  With your help we are creating a Canberra that cares for carers.

To do this we offer educational presentations, talks and training as well as resources to help your organisation become more carer aware and carer friendly.

Caring is more common than most of us realise, but carers are often unseen and unrecognised in their workplace, their school or their social group.   We’d like to chat about that.

One in eight of us will be a carer at any one time, and there is a good chance you know many carers. They are part of your work team, your class, or your social gatherings.

We all deserve adequate support and recognition when balancing life with a caring role, and Carers ACT can help your organisation to be more carer aware and better support the people in your network or organisation.

Our engagement, policy and advocacy team are available to meet with your staff, school or community group and open a conversation about carers.  We offer a range of ways to engage – from a casual group Q&A’s to sector-specific presentations.

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Available from June 2023, Carers ACT will be offering Carer Awareness Training as an onsite two-hour workshop.

This training is targeted at health, allied health and care agencies who have obligations under the Carers Recognition Act 2021 (ACT). It is also suitable for workplaces, community organisations and faculty members.

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The Carers + Employers program defines best practice standards for supporting staff with caring responsibilities. This may be any employee within your organisation who provides informal support or care to a family member or friend with a:

  • disability
  • mental illness
  • drug and/or alcohol dependency
  • chronic condition
  • or is frail and aged.

Facilitated by Carers NSW, but available to businesses and employers nationally, the Carers+Employers Accreditation program provides workplaces with best practice for supporting carers, retaining talent and improving corporate social accountability.

Accreditation is offered at 3 levels: Activate, Commit and Excel.

Network Only
For employers not yet ready to undertake the accreditation process, Carers + Employers also offer access to a network only membership.

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