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Telehealth Support

With the introduction of Telehealth at Canberra Health Services, patients at the Canberra Hospital or the University of Canberra Hospital, now have the option of attending medical appointments by video conference.

Telehealth allows you, or the person you care for, to attend a specialist medical appointment at either the Canberra Hospital, or the University of Canberra Hospital, from the comfort of your own home without the hassle of transport, parking or social distancing concerns.

At Carers ACT, we understand that technology can often be a bit daunting and can seem all too hard.  Which is why we now have a program dedicated to helping clients to use video-conferencing at home to attend medical appointments.

We can support you to try video-conferencing if you think this is a good option for you.  We can help you to understand how to connect for your appointment and if you don’t have access to a computer or home internet, we can bring the equipment to your home.

First Step

If you have an upcoming medical appointment with the Canberra Hospital or the University of Canberra Hospital, ask the clinic if you can attend by video-conference. The clinic staff will assess whether it is a good option for you and set the appointment up accordingly.

Need Assistance?

If you don’t have a computer, or internet in your home, or you are just not confident using the technology, we can give you support.

Our service can assist either over the phone, or in your own home depending on your need or preference. We can help you get connected for your appointment and even provide assistance for your own equipment.


For more information and support, please phone 6296 9928 or email us


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