Care Planning for Young Carers

If you find yourself providing any of the following unpaid tasks for a family member or friend, the answer might be yes. Your responsibilities might include shopping, cooking meals, looking after younger siblings, doing housework, helping with mobility, providing emotional supports, taking care of medications, managing family finances, helping communicate and personal care.

Being a young carer can be a rewarding experience but it can also be incredibly difficult at times, trying to balance study, friends and caring.

It’s important to remember that no one has to care alone. We offer a range of services to help lighten the load and support you in your caring journey, including:

  • giving you information and advice
  • offering scholarships and assistance with education costs
  • referring you to counselling and/or support groups
  • arranging short-term replacement care so you can have a break, and
  • organising groups and activities with other young carers.

If you are balancing your caring role and managing your school life, we can help by:

  • organising tuition to help with school work
  • working with teachers to help students balance their caring role and schoolwork
  • talking to your school about young carers, and

helping your school form a young carers group.

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