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When Alice developed dementia several years ago her daughter Maree became her full-time carer – a role that turned Maree’s life upside down.

a senior aged woman water plants with a green watering can“Looking after mum’s been a big strain on my family. We were all unprepared and thinking ‘what’s happened to our perfect world’?

One of my teenage sons developed a chronic illness around the time I started caring for Mum so my stress levels went through the roof.

Then I found out about Deakin Cottage and it’s been a mental lifesaver. Mum is really active and needs to be stimulated. I just don’t have the time and energy. But the staff there do.

They make it a really happy place. When Mum gets there she just lights up. She loves going there and it provides her with the vital social interaction she so enjoyed before her dementia.  It’s a part of our family routine now and the staff are wonderful – I can talk about anything with them.

Leaving Mum at the Cottage on a regular basis meant I could re-connect with my children and give them the attention they deserved and were missing. I could do family things again, like going to watch my sons play soccer.

Without the Cottage I couldn’t do it. It’s as simple as that.