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NDIS and Carers

What is the NDIS

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) supports people with a permanent and significant disability, which affects their ability to take part in everyday activities. The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) implements the NDIS. The NDIS supports people with a disability through:


To be eligible for the NDIS, a person must:

How to Apply for the NDIS

Visit the NDIS website to work out if you are eligible to access the NDIS.

Carers and the NDIS

When a person with disability has registered with the NDIS and has been deemed eligible to enter the scheme, the pre-planning phase begins. This is where the person with disability may require support to understand the impact their disability has on their everyday activities.

The NDIA will contact the participant (or their nominee) to begin the planning conversation. On most occasions, it is important for carers to attend these meetings as they have a good understanding of the person’s disability and their everyday functioning and support needs.

Depending on the person’s state, territory, and region in which they reside, they may be asked to meet with an NDIA Planner, Local Area Coordinator (LAC), Early Childhood partner or Support Coordinator for their planning meeting. These meetings can occur either over the phone or face-to-face. If you prefer to meet face-to-face, be clear and advocate for this when the planning meeting is being scheduled.

During the planning meeting, the NDIA will request evidence to show that a person’s disability is permanent and significant. They will seek to understand the impact of that person’s disability on their daily lives.

Carer Checklist NDIS Planning

The Carer Checklist can help you think about the type of care and support you currently provide for the person you care for and may help you consider all aspects of the person with disability’s needs. This document is useful in helping you prepare for the planning meeting and can be provided to the planner.

The Mental Health Carer Checklist is designed to assist carers to describe the support they provide to contribute to the NDIS planning process for someone with a psychosocial disability.

Carer Statement

As a Carer, you have the option to submit a Carer Statement or request a separate interview to support the person you care for during the planning meeting. This could be particularly important for carers of people with psycho-social disability. It can provide additional insight into the impact a person’s mental health condition has on their ability to participate in everyday activities and on the well-being of the family.

A carer statement (in written or verbal form) may include:

  • How the caring role affects you
  • Whether you are able and willing to keep caring for the person with disability in the same way into the future, and what the impact of your caring role has on your own personal needs and goals, (for example – work; study; travel; social, cultural or religious engagement activities)
  • Other informal supports the person with disability has, such as family or friends
  • Any other information that would be important for the NDIA to know when assessing supports required.

Below are two examples of Carer Statements that could assist in developing your own:
Claire’s Carer Statement
John’s Carer Statement

Nominee Information

A Nominee makes decisions about the NDIS plan on behalf of the participant. Nominees are there to:

  • Include the participant in decision-making and support them to make decisions
  • Help the participant increase their decision-making skills
  • Make decisions in the participant’s best interest, representing their wishes.

You do not have to become a nominee unless the participant asks, or it is required. A legal guardian who is making decisions on behalf of a participant will be appointed as the NDIS nominee.

NDIS Peer-to-Peer Project

Carers Australia can link parents and carers, who are either in the planning phase of the NDIS or preparing for an NDIS plan review with our registered families and carers – who are parents and unpaid carers that have already been through the NDIS process.

For general enquiries about the Peer-to-Peer project, contact Carers Australia on 6122 9900  or email  Alternatively, to request to be linked in with a registered carer, complete the online form

Carers NDIS Forum

This forum has been developed to support carers to have the NDIS conversation and to generate discussion on topics and issues that are relevant to them. Anyone can comment, share, post and respond and generally support other carers through this online community.

If you are a carer and interested in becoming a member of the NDIS forum for carers, please email

Can A Carer Claim Respite through NDIS?

The NDIS does not have a specific funding item called ‘respite care’, however a break from caring responsibilities can be delivered to the family with funded supports such as personal care or funded supports that will assist your child to engage in their local community and to build their skills

This can include a worker assisting in the home with personal care or connection in the local community and this can give the family and carers a break – as known as “respite” from caring responsibilities.

It is a good idea to talk with the NDIS Planner about what sort of supports would suit  the recipient and their family so the right supports can be identified.

Transport Assistance and the NDIS

The NDIA has developed a fact sheet:  Participant transport funding information to support your understanding of the levels of transport funding provided through the scheme.

What happens if the person I care for is not eligible for the NDIS?

If the NDIA determines a person with disability to be ineligible to participate in the scheme, that person cannot receive funded supports through the NDIS. However, the person with disability or their carer can contact the NDIS for support through the Information, linkages and capacity (ILC) building programme for referral and other support options.


Carers ACT NDIS and Carers Survey Report February 2017

How can Carers ACT assist you in your caring role?

Other Supports

Feros Care is the NDIS Local Area Coordination (LAC) provider in the ACT. The Local Area Coordination Service can help you get started with the NDIS and assist in managing services and supports.

NDIS Information for Families and Carers

Support for families and Carers in the NDIS





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