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Mental Health Carers Voice

The Mental Health Carers Voice Program works with carers to create a better mental health system nationally and in the ACT.

As the peak body for mental health carers in the ACT, we work closely with carers to help make positive changes to the mental health service system by ensuring that the perspectives, concerns and ideas voiced by mental health carers and their families are heard by decision-makers.

Towards this, we support mental health carers to participate in creating positive change in mental health and facilitate their involvement in consultations, media engagement and other advocacy efforts.

More specifically, we offer carers a wide variety of activities to keep you informed and involved.:

There are many ways for you to participate and have your influence on policy and systemic change to the mental health system. You can participate as much as you choose.

We highly encourage you to share both positive and negative experiences of services as well so that we can make recommendations that are solution focused.

How To Get Involved

The main ways you can get involved are:

  • Attending focus groups.
  • Participating in deliberative processes.
  • Participating in research.
  • Taking surveys and polls.
  • Attending Workshops.
  • Sharing your carer story.

You can also be actively involved by:

  • Giving input and feedback into position statements and policy submissions.
  • Talking to media and at public speaking opportunities.
  • Developing resources for carers.
  • Sitting on our Mental Health Carer Steering Committee.

Newsletters: View current and past issues of our Mental Health Carers Voice newsletters here.

Our Work


Carer Engagement in Recovery Oriented Mental Health Care

Staff Perceptions of Carer Engagement in ACT Mental Health Services

ACT Budget Response Mental Health 2019-20 

Response to Ligature Minimisation

CCTV Update May 2019

ACMHS and Working with Carers
This letter calls for a stronger embedding of the competing needs of mental health carers in developing the Model of Care for the Adult Community Mental Health Service.

Carers ACT Response to the Auditor General’s Report No 6 of 2017
For many years carers have identified the urgent need to address the discharge process from acute care in the ACT. This paper summarises and reinforces the importance of ensuring the AG’s recommendations are actioned and that meaningful change can occur for families in this situation.

Media Statement – ACT Budget – Mental Health

What do ACT mental health carers need from mental health clinicians? (August 2017)
One recurring issue in mental health carer advocacy has been that mental health carers feel confused, unsupported, overwhelmed and/or excluded by the very mental health system that treats the person they care for. To address this, the Mental Health Carers Voice Program workshopped with carers to identify their needs and how they believe clinicians can work better with them.

Carers ACT Mental Health Forum 2016:  “Are We There Yet?” Untangling the Changes in Mental Health in Australia
A report on the Carers ACT Mental Health Forum hosted 6 July 2016 brought together local and national expertise from service providers, carers, consumers, peak body representatives, government policy makers. It focused on the future of mental health service systems in the ACT and nationally.

Family Caring, Mental Illness and Violence Discussion Paper – 2016

Carers ACT Comments on Youth Suicide and Self Harm Inquiry April 2016

Carers ACT’s response to the Draft Mental Health Facilities Management Bill
Carers responded to the Bill which is for the operation and management of secure mental health facilities in the ACT.

Mental Health Resources During COVID

The Mental Health Carers Voice Program is funded by ACT Health Directorate.