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When you connect with Carers ACT, one of the first people you are likely to talk to is a care planner. Our team of care planners have a deep understanding of what it’s like to be a carer because many of us have taken on a caring role ourselves. Our own experiences allow us to really empathise with the struggles, challenges, and rewards of caring for others.

In fact, many of our team have chosen to become care planners for this reason – we know how important it is to have someone who sees you as a carer, has your wellbeing front of mind and we have a genuine desire and first and knowledge to guide and support you.

We define our purpose as;

“To enhance the life of carers by supporting them to make a positive change in their present and future wellbeing, to understanding their needs and to point carers in the right direction to achieve the goals that are important to them.”

What this care planning relationship looks like varies from person to person and may change over time as your life goals and circumstance change. We will help you celebrate the small wins, keep you focused on your wellbeing and happiness, and link you to practical support packages, services, coaching, counselling or opportunities for social connection – all based on what you need most at the time.

As care planners we are creative, resilient problem-solvers and fierce advocates for your best outcomes. We are able to support carers who have complex ongoing challenges, changing needs over time, or who just need an occasional friendly yarn.

Working with a care planner is a flexible, unique process, directed by your needs and outcomes, but whatever that looks like, we are in your corner.

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