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Carers in the Media
Carers Week 2021 – 13/10/2021 Win News Canberra

It’s National Carers Week – time to recognise the more than 2.2 million Aussies caring for loved ones, unpaid. Their work saves governments an estimated near seventy $78 billion dollars in replacement care every year. Carers ACT is urging the ACT Government to urgently commit ongoing funding to ensure some 50,000 of these unsung heroes are better supported.

Watch the video here: Carers ACT on Win News

Mother’s Day 2020- 10/05/2020 ABC Radio

Caring for adult children: Leslea and Tully’s chat

Leslea Greary says that she cares for 2.5 kids, all of whom are in their twenties and have special needs. She says 2.5 because Annie and Kelsey live with her, while 28-year-old Tully has his own place, which is just over the back fence. In this special Mother’s Day story, Tully asks Leslea, “What it’s like to be my mum?”

Listen here to a conversation between Leslea and her son Tully


Listen here to a conversation between journalist Kim Huynh and Leslea

ABC Radio series- Caring for someone with Dementia

14th October 2019 – What it takes to care for someone with dementia

ABC Radio Canberra brought together three friends – Marion, Jane and Marilyn – to chat about the courage, humour and support that they need to care for their partners who have advanced dementia.


15th of October 2019 – Life after caring for someone with dementia

Do you think of your life after caring…? a Second part to the chat with Marion, Jane and Marilyn


23th October 2019 – Dementia and Violence: Deirdre’s courageous story

Lewy Body Dementia (LBD) is an unpredictable disease that can cause hallucinations, paranoia and violent outbursts.

In this story we hear about Deirdre whose looked after her husband while enduring verbal abuse and, in the final stages of his life, violent attacks.

Please note that Deirdre’s courageous story might not be suitable for some listeners.


4th November 2019 – Do you remember when…?

ABC roving reporter, Kim Huynh, passed his microphone over to 93-year-old Jim who has advanced dementia, so that he could ask Marion about their caring relationship.


14th and 15th of August


This time, over two consecutive days, we hear Lucy’s story. A nine year old child who has several conditions and needs that make life especially challenging for her and her parents.


19th July 2019

AUDIO – The joy and Challenge of Raising an Autistic child

In this interview, journalist Kim Huynh passed his microphone over to Elle, a local autistic woman, who asked her Mum Lynne about what it was like to raise her.


25 May 2019

AUDIO – Shea’s Story 

A touching interview between young carer Talon, a 14 year old boy who cares for his 16 year old brother Shea, with cerebral palsy. Shea and Talon have a strong bond and Talon is immensely proud of how his older brother has lived life to the fullest, including carrying the baton at the 2018 Commonwealth Games.


15 April 2019

AUDIO – Rachel’s Story 

Rachel Rix cared for six children and numerous foster children until her dreams of travelling around Australia to help those in need were dashed by illness, forcing her devoted husband Darrin to become her carer. Aired on ABC Radio Canberra and nationally.  First in a series of carer stories from the ACT by journalist Kim Huynh.


14 August 2018

Young Carer Malakai wins Local Hero Award
Young carer Malakai Reinhard wins the inaugural 2018 Westfield Local Hero award for his selfless devotion to caring for his mother and sister.


10 July 2018

AUDIO – Young Carer Miguel Bedsor talks about his caring role on ABC Radio
ABC Radio ‘Capital Youth project’ interview with young carer Miguel Bedsor, talking about life and his caring role. (3m24s)


22 June 2018

VIDEO – Young Carer Malakai Reinhard talks about his caring role on WIN TV
Young carer Malakai Reinhard, a nominee for the inaugural 2018 Westfield Local Hero award talks to Emma Groves from Win TV about his caring role. (1m32s)


17 May 2018

ABC News Story: Young Carers Thankful for Mental & Financial Support
A news story that aired on ABC TV 7pm News Bulletin on how young carers welcome the boosted mental and financial support but want more help into adulthood.


19 February  2018

AUDIO – The Importance of Advance Care Planning
Carers ACT CEO Lisa Kelly interviewed on ABC Radio by Adam Shirley about the importance of Advance Care Planning.