Have your say – Life-long Caring Research Project

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Have your say – Life-long Caring Research Project

Long term carers are invited participate in a piece of research, including the production of a documentary film on the subject of lifelong caring. The impact of the journey of being a long-term carer is poorly understood and Carers ACT believes this work will be important in increasing sector and community understanding of lifelong caring.

The research is being conducted by Dalanglin (Dalang) Dkhar who is a PhD candidate and a full-time primary carer.    Carers ACT believes this work will be very useful in informing future policy and supports, along with bringing a spotlight on the issue, and as such we are supporting Dalang’s work in this area.

For this research and documentary we are seeking carers who;

  • Are long term carers (10 years+)
  • Are currently in their caring role (living with or closely involved with the person they care for substantial hours every week)
  • Have gone through various stages of life as a carer, or have cared for someone while they transition from various live stages. Some examples include;

o    A young carer who retained a caring role into adulthood

o    A parent who has cared for a child as they grew, and is still actively caring for their now adult child

o    A spouse/partner/friend who has been caring for the same person as they both transition through different stages of life (e.g., youth to adulthood, working career to retirement)

More information on the study can be found here:

Participant information sheet– for you
Participant Consent Form– for you

Care Recipient information sheet – for the person you care for

f you meet the requirements and have capacity to share your story, I would encourage you to reach out to Dalang about participating in this important work.  Dalanglin Dkhar can be contacted at 0426 872 830 or dalangdk@yahoo.com.


We understand that sharing your caring experience can be sensitive and logistically difficult. Should you be interested in participating in this work but have concerns with privacy/safety, time, availability or other barriers to participating please contact our Communications project team at communications@carersact.org.au to discuss your interest or any barriers to participating to see if we can support you.

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