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Education and Wellbeing

We offer a wide range of educational workshops, social and therapeutic activities to give you a break from caring.

Our education workshops and information sessions focus on developing skills and knowledge that can help with your caring role and maintain your well-being.



We also offer a range of social and therapeutic activities such as outings, art and craft,  yoga, tai chi, meditation and walks to help you manage your stress.



All carers who are residents of the ACT and are registered with our service are welcome to register for an activity.

While most of our activities are available to all carers, we occasionally have special offers, retreats or day trips targeted to specific groups of carers, such as people caring for someone over the age of 65, or young carers under the age of 25, or carers of people with specific conditions.

If you are not already registered with our service, please call us on 6296 9900.

One of our advisory team will ask you a series of questions about your caring situation. This phone call takes approximately 40 minutes.


Most of our activities are low cost, requiring a small contribution, while some are free of charge.

Can I Bring the Person I Care For to Carer Events?

Most of our activities are designed to help you in your caring role, whether that’s skill development, information or other coping strategies.

We do run some activities where you can bring the person you care for or someone else. Please read the full activity description to determine whether this is the case for any activity you are interested in attending. If in doubt, please ring us on 6296 9982 or email group.programs@carersact.org.au

Schedule of Activities

All of our upcoming activities can be viewed on the What’s On section of our website.