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Please help us to make a real difference to carers in the ACT and Southern NSW by working together to improve the quality of their lives.


Give A Young Carer A Brighter Future – APPEAL

We are currently running an appeal to raise funds to improve the lives of young carers.

Many young carers spend every day looking after a parent who lives with an illness or disability. Instead of doing schoolwork and interacting with their friends, they spend their time helping with personal care and medications, taking parents to appointments, looking after siblings, cooking, cleaning, washing, shopping, paying bills.

These children struggle to get through school.

They have little time or money to hang out with friends, relax, play sport, go on school excursions, have a casual job or attend CIT or uni.

They carry responsibilities greater than their age.

Their health and wellbeing suffers.

They need your support.

Please Donate Now


Your donation allows us to provide services to help young carers like Beck care for their family and get them through school. Your kindness will improve their lives and give them them opportunities for a brighter future.












This is their story…….

BECK, 14:  “I look after my sick Mum. She cries a lot at night, she’s in so much pain. It makes me cry too. I can’t do my schoolwork or hang out with my friends because I need to help her and do all the grown up stuff like cooking and housework. It’s really hard.  I’m so tired I keep falling asleep in class.”




 TOM, 15:  I spend a lot of time taking Dad to appointments, so I miss a lot of classes. I have to get breakfast for everyone, make sure my little sister gets to school, and do the cooking, washing and grocery shopping. I even pay some bills. I don’t really get time to do what I want to do. Sometimes I just wish someone would care for me.”




MIGUEL, 13:  “Because I’m Mum’s main carer, I can’t just do what I want, when I want. I’ve always got to plan things around Mum. I can’t hang out after school with my friends, play soccer on the weekends or go on school excursions because I need to be home to help her.”



How your donation will help

There are approximately two young carers in every classroom, struggling to balance school, life and caring.  Your donation, no matter how small, will make a difference to their lives.

Through your kindness you will help young people like Beck:

Please Donate Now


Donating is easy and all donations of $2.00 and over are tax deductible. Funds raised will be used to assist young carers with education, life skills training and breaks from caring.

We are a recognised charity with a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status with the Australian Tax Office.

Thank you for your support and kindness.


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