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David’s Story

David cares for his grandfather, helping him with day-to-day living tasks, but he began to feel burnt out and time-constrained and needed other options.

For many years, David was helping his grandfather with everyday tasks such as taking him to appointments, maintaining the garden and helping with home maintenance.

As his grandfather aged, his health and ability to do things for himself declined so David was being called on to do more and more.

David was very willing and happy to help his grandfather – they have always had a special relationship – but he was struggling to find the time in between his work and family commitments and was beginning to burn out.

David had no knowledge of the support available for people who were ageing or for their carers. Like many family members, he didn’t realise that he was a “carer” – he felt that he was just doing what any grandson would. After many hours of searching the internet for information, David was still unsure and decided to call us.

We explained the aged care system and home support and home care packages to him. We recommended that his grandfather have an Aged Care Assessment and helped David with information on how to book one.

“It’s good to hear that I was on the right track with my thinking about the situation. I’ll have a chat to my grandfather about how he’d like to proceed with his home care package – he’ll be pleased that I can show him evidence of what he is eligible for under the package,

Thank you very much for providing the information and for all your support.

Our assistance has helped David with a plan to move forward, feeling reassured that his grandfather will be supported and David will have some time back to focus on his own family.