Cottage fee schedule

Carers ACT operates Deakin Cottage and Naraganawali Cottage to enable carers of people who are ageing and/or have dementia to have a short break.

Our cottages are low care services. They are open to all ACT seniors or people with early onset dementia depending on individual care needs.  Priority will be given to clients with Dementia.

Fees apply; however, clients may be eligible for the costs of the service to be subsidised.

Minimum Basic Fee

There is a minimum basic daily fee for services.  Additional fees may apply depending on eligibility for subsidy or fee assistance.

Overnight minimum basic fee

There is a minimum basic daily fee which is 85% of the single basic Age Pension. This fee is adjusted in line with pension increases in September and March each year.

Currently, this fee is $56.87 per day.

Day Activities minimum basic fee

For clients attending day activities the minimum basic daily fee is $20 per full day (9:00am to 5:00pm). Additional fees may apply for excursions.

If these fees are unaffordable, we will discuss and agree on an affordable fee. Clients will not be refused access to the Cottage based on ability to pay.

ACT Residents Eligible for Subsidy


To access services at the minimum basic fee, ACT residents aged 65 and over or 50 or more if Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander must be referred to the service through My Aged Care.

My Age Care will assess the client’s eligibility for a referral to our Cottage Overnight or Centre Based Day Care service under the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP).

Contact:  My Aged Care

1800 200 422 (Mon-Fri: 8am-8pm, Sat: 10am – 2pm)

Clients with NDIS plan

Clients with an NDIS plan that includes short term accommodation and assistance can access the service under their plan. Clients may also choose to use some of their flexible core support funding to access this service.

The fee for NDIS funded clients staying overnight will be the applicable short-term accommodation rate in the NDIS price guide. The fee for NDIS funded clients attending the day program will be the applicable per hour rate in their NDIS plan.

Full Fee Paying Clients

Clients with Home Care Packages or other means to pay full fees are also welcome at the Cottages.

Full Fee for short stays is aligned to the NDIS price guide and currently:

  • $ 250 on weekdays (includes overnight)
  • $ 375 on Saturday (includes overnight)
  • $ 500 on Sunday and Public Holidays (includes overnight)

These fees are based on a 24 hour period will be reviewed and updated in line with the NDIS guide.

Day Program full fee is $75 per day (8.30am to 5.30pm).  Excursions may incur extra charges.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations with 48 hours’ notice or more before start time will result in no charge. Cancellations within 48 hours will incur the full cost of the hours of support due to be delivered for the first two days of the stay.

Cottage Hours Over Public Holidays

Our Cottages are open on Public Holidays (except over Easter Public Holidays and between Christmas – New Year) for overnight stays only. We do not operate a Day Program on Public Holidays.

As you will appreciate, the costs of operation on a Public Holiday are significantly higher, therefore the minimum basic fee on Public Holidays is $100 per day. (This fee will also be reviewed in March and September each year). 

If this fee is unaffordable, Carers ACT will discuss and agree on an affordable fee.  Clients will not be refused access the Cottage based on ability to pay.


The fees above do not include GST. GST will be applied in accordance with section 38-B of the GST Act.  Services provided under NDIS are GST free.  GST will be added to fees in business to business transactions related to Home Care Packages.