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COVID-19 Vaccine Information

Carer Eligibility for COVID-19 Vaccine

Carers who are family members of a person with disability or elderly person can get the COVID-19 vaccine as part of phase 1B. To prove your eligibility you can:

Carers ACT cannot provide proof of eligibility for vaccination.

To check on your eligibility for the Covid-19 Vaccine, please follow this link:

Vaccines Eligibility Checker (

The eligibility checker asks you a series of questions and determines which category you are in. There is a section which specifically asks if you are a carer of someone with a disability, a person who is aged, or a person with an underlying medical condition. As you go through the eligibility checker you will notice blue question mark icons next to some of the answers. Clicking on these icons gives further information on the topic.

At the end you will be advised which category you are in, which clinics near you are taking bookings for the vaccine and how to make those bookings. As more clinics are designated as vaccine providers, they will be added to the list on the eligibility checker.

For information about  eligibility evidence required, or to obtain a self-declaration form should you be unable to provide the required evidence, please follow this link:




COVID-19 Vaccine Roll-Out Strategy

The COVID-19 vaccination program is a national rollout strategy. The Australian Government has identified priority populations and has begun a phased rollout of the vaccination. Carers are not part of their own priority population but are included in the priority populations based on their individual circumstance which may include disability, age or health status.

Please follow this link for more information on the vaccine rollout:

Australia’s COVID-19 vaccine national rollout strategy (

To check your eligibility for the vaccine online please see:

Vaccines Eligibility Checker (

Where can I get my free vaccine?

Initially, doses will be made available for priority groups at ‘hubs’ in the ACT. Vaccination teams will go out to aged care and disability care facilities to administer the vaccines. As the vaccine roll out continues, other locations will also be made available at GP respiratory clinics, some General Practices (GPs), Aboriginal Controlled Community Health Services, and ACT Government-run vaccination clinics. Vaccinating the general population in Canberra is expected to begin mid-year, in line with the national roll out.

For ACT specific COVID-19 vaccine rollout information please see:

COVID-19 vaccine – COVID-19 (

When will I get the COVID-19 vaccine? – COVID-19 (

Is getting the vaccine mandatory? What happens if I don’t want it?

The COVID-19 vaccine is not mandatory. It is free for all adults who wants to get vaccinated.

If people choose not to have a COVID-19 vaccine, this will not affect their family’s eligibility for Family Tax Benefit Part A or childcare fee assistance which only includes National Immunisation Program vaccines for those aged younger than 20.

Who will be part of the priority population in the phased rollout?

People with disability and workers in residential services and disability care group homes will be among the first to access the vaccine. Find out what to expect on COVID-19 vaccination day at your disability residential accommodation.


COVID-19 Vaccines are FREE

There have been instances of people being contacted by phone and asked to pay for a COVID-19 vaccine. This is a SCAM. The vaccines are being provided free by the Commonwealth. If a person calls you and asks for money for the vaccines – even if they say they are from ACT Health – don’t give them any of your details. Take a note of the number, hang up and report it to the ACCC’s Scamwatch website at, or you can call them on 1300 302 50.

For more details, check this information sheet: COVID-19 Vaccinations are FREE


To talk to someone about the vaccine  please call the National coronavirus and COVID-19 vaccine helpline on 1800 020 080.


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