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Electronic media copyright notice

This legal document outlines some of the terms and conditions under which you agree to use our website and other electronic media. Please read it carefully.

Carers ACT Inc. ABN 997 329 299 57 (‘Carers ACT’) publishes a website, social media sites and other electronic communications (‘our electronic media’) to provide information for the benefit of caring families, the professionals who support them, the funding bodies, agencies and individuals who support initiatives for caring families, and the general public.

This copyright notice is part of the terms and conditions under which you agree to use our electronic media. If you commence or continue to access and use our electronic media, you will be deemed to have accepted those terms and conditions and agreed to be legally bound by them.


© Carers ACT Inc. (‘Carers ACT’) 2012
Copyright subsists in all material published via our electronic media (including, without limitation, text, images, software and code, logos, icons, and multimedia files) and is either owned by Carers ACT or by third parties who have granted us license to use their intellectual property.

Carers ACT has taken reasonable effort to ensure that third party copyright material has been reproduced with the full consent of its owners and that it is acknowledged where appropriate.

Use of copyrighted material

Where possible and appropriate, Carers ACT supports and encourages the dissemination and exchange of information in the public domain.
Subject to any restrictions placed on the material by a third-party copyright owner, copyrighted material published via our electronic media may be reproduced or forwarded to other parties:

Any reproduction of copyrighted material must include acknowledgement of Carers ACT and any third-party owner who has granted us license to use their intellectual property.
Really Simple Syndication (RSS)

Carers ACT may produce RSS feeds and widgets that allow you, on a non-exclusive basis, to display syndicated information published by us on your website or via other electronic media. You do not need to obtain permission to use our RSS feeds or widgets, provided you comply with this notice.

All intellectual property rights in any material we publish via RSS feed remain the property of Carers ACT and other third-party copyright owners who have granted us license to use their intellectual property.

Restrictions on use

The software and code used to manage our electronic media are subject to third party restrictions. Apart from any use as permitted under the Copyright Act 1968, all rights are reserved by those parties.

Copyrighted material published via our electronic media may not be subjected to derogatory treatment. It may not be:

In particular, the following types of material are likely to be subject to third party restrictions and may be reproduced as published by us, but not altered, reformatted or republished without the prior written permission of Carers ACT:

Requests and questions concerning reproduction and intellectual property rights should be addressed, in writing, to:

Chief Executive Officer
Carers ACT
2/80 Beaurepaire Crescent