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CEO Message – April 2023 image

CEO Message - April 2023


Dear carers and community,

As we wrap up the world of...

Community Update August 2022 image

August 2022

Hello Carers,

August has flown by at Carers ACT with plenty of events, outcomes...

Community Update March 2023 image

Dear Carers,

We have so much great news to share with you across February and...

Community Update June 2022 image

Dear carers,

I hope you are enjoying the changing colours outside as autumn once again...

Community Update April 2022 image

Dear Carers,

In the past weeks, we have seen significant steps taken to further improve...

Community Update March 2022 image

Dear Carers,

As we welcome autumn and the changing season, we are also seeing change...

Community Update February 2022 image

Dear Carers,

As we start to settle into the new year, we continue with the...

Community Update January 2022 image

Dear Carers, 


Welcome to 2022! 


I hope that the holidays have given you the opportunity to...

Community Update December 2021 image

Dear Carers,

As the year 2021 draws to a close, it brings me great pride...

CEO Message June 2022 image

Dear carers 

I hope this newsletter finds you warm and dry. 

My thoughts go out to...

CEO Message July 2022 image

Dear Carers, 

Mid-winter brings positive and long awaited news for carers. We were delighted to...

CEO Message August 2022 image

Hello Carers, 

August has flown by at Carers ACT with plenty of events, outcomes and...