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Carers’ Stories

Carers come from all walks of life, age groups and backgrounds, and each carer’s experience is unique. Read about some of the inspiring carers who we have worked with along their caring journey.

Samantha Davidson-FullerSam

I was about 18 years old when I became a young carer.  The father of my children received a diagnosis of schizophrenia and in that moment it felt like my world turned upside down.



An adult man in his 30s with his grandfather arm wrestlingDavid

David cares for his grandfather, helping him with day-to-day living tasks, but he began to feel burnt out and time-constrained and needed other options.



Amber Nichols and her brother EthanAmber

My name is Amber Nichols and many of you may recognise me as someone from Canberra who competed on The Voice. You may know me as singer, a performer, an entertainer. What you may not know about me is that I too have been a carer.



a teenager around 17 cooking in a kitchenMiguel

Miguel, 15, cares for two of his younger siblings, who have epilepsy and attention deficit disorder (ADD), and for his mother.



middle aged woman and her elderly motherMaree

When Alice developed dementia several years ago her daughter Maree became her full-time carer – a role that turned Maree’s life upside down.



an Indigenous man sitting at a table doing a dot paintingSally

Sally is an Aboriginal woman and a single parent caring for her young son who has severe autism. When things became overwhelming at home she sought help to put her life back on track.



Peter has been caring for his wife Fran for the last ten years.  With the introduction of her NDIS package, he was able to resume work but was unsure how to proceed.



young Down Syndrome man cooking a stir-fry on a stoveDaniel

Daniel, 31, was born with Down Syndrome. He lives with his mum Sylvia who is his full-time carer. Since Daniel began participating in programs at Carers ACT Daniel has come leaps and bounds and his mum is thrilled with the results



middle aged Asian woman and her daughter aged early 20sLi

Li is a carer for her daughter Kim, who has a long-term chronic illness. Support groups have given Li a new lease on life.



Portrait of an adult woman with his elderly mother.Odette

Odette cares for her ageing mother, but the impact on her family and work life led her to become resentful and frustrated so she sought out counselling to put her life back and couldn’t believe how quickly she got back on track.



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