Carers see dementia through EDIE’s eyes

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Carers see Dementia through “EDIEs eyes” – A Educational Dementia Immersive Experience.

In partnership with Dementia Australia, Carers ACT held an immersive virtual reality workshop for First Nations carers on the 19th of January 2023.  The VR experience demonstrated to carers of people living with dementia exactly what their family member or loved one might be experiencing if they are living with dementia.    

The workshop aimed to help carers gain an understanding and see the world through the eyes of a person living with dementia, to enhance carers knowledge of dementia and to encourage working in partnership to identify support needs.  

First Nation carers who participated in the immersive workshop experienced first-hand the perspective of a person living with dementia through high quality virtual reality technology. Carers gained more knowledge and understanding of the environmental changes in which to support a person to live more confidently with dementia. 

Five carers attended the experience, our Carers ACT team leader confirmed it was a positive and valuable experience all around;  

“They all shared stories, tears and laughter which was great to see… they left with new knowledge to help and support them in their caring roles.  Anna and Cathy from Dementia Australia were amazing and the carers were very happy with the information and VR provided and they answered all the carers questions.”

The team at Carers ACT were thrilled to offer this experience to a group of First Nations carers and thank Dementia Australia for providing this educational event.  

If a person in your life is experiencing confusion, disorientation, unsteadiness or other signs of dementia you can reach out to Carers ACT or Dementia Australia to learn about dementia, so you’re better equipped to manage changes as they occur.  


Support for carers – Carers ACT | Carers ACT 

Information | Dementia Australia 

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