Businesses start work on Carer Recognition Act

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We are delighted to have started to work with organisations keen to incorporate the Carer Recognition Act 2021 in their workplaces and have been talking with them about what a carer friendly organisation looks like for employees and for carers both visiting and using their service. 

Carers ACT is working with health organisations, carer providers and key employers around Canberra to develop tools and systems for carer recognition in care settings but also in the workplace.


Carers Recognition Act 2021—A key win for carers

A key achievement of Carers ACT is the development of the Carers Recognition Act 2021 (the Act) that is specific to the ACT. The Act recognises and promotes the role carers have in our community.  

The Act outlines principles, that require organisations to consider and adapt  their practices, to support the care relationship that exists between carers and the people they care for.    

This Act provides carers in the ACT a guarantee that they will be seen and heard in Government and service policy and program development. 

The work of carers can often be unrecognised, so this is a significant step towards carers being seen and valued as equal partners in care.

This will in turn improve the health and wellbeing of carers in our community—an important focus of Carers ACT.    

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