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Assisting Carers to Have a Break

Carers ACT provides carers with information about their options and with assistance to access services that enable them to have a break or ‘respite’ from their caring responsibilities.

What is Respite?

Respite is taking a short break from your caring role. It is when another person takes over your caring responsibilities temporarily, so that you can have a break. Respite is very important to help you recharge your batteries and care for your own health and well-being.

Respite means different things to different people and it can occur in different places. It can vary from a couple of hours, to a few days or weeks. The services we provide to enable you to take a break include:


You are eligible to access respite services if:

Cost Of Service

Carers are requested to contribute to the cost of services provided. We generally ask for a contribution of up to 15% of the cost of the service provided, depending on your ability to pay. We will not refuse service to you because you cannot afford to contribute.

Register As A Carer

To enable us to assess your needs, we need information about your caring role and the person you care for.

We will collect this information and register you over the phone. Please ring our service on 1800 052 222

Please be aware that this initial phone call can take around 40 minutes.

In an emergency, we will collect the basic information required to provide service and complete a full assessment later.

Assessing Your Request for Respite

When you call, our staff will need to ask you some questions and consider a number of factors, including guidelines on the use of our funding, before determining whether we can provide the support being requested.

When you call we will check your details and discuss your needs, the urgency of the situation and the type of service that might meet some (or all) of your needs.

We will also discuss alternative support options with you and seek your permission to refer you to that service. If there are no appropriate services available at the time the respite is needed the Coordinator will discuss options with you.

Coordinators will consider the following factors prior to arranging respite on your behalf:

What We CAN do

What We CANNOT do

  • Arrange a flexible short-term planned break or emergency break for you.
  • Replace what you would normally do for the person you care for so you can have some time out.
  • Provide information and referral to other services that may meet your needs.
  • Purchase ongoing or regular support for you.
  • Duplicate services and purchase supports already provided for in care packages.
  • Pay for holidays or give money directly to you as a carer (even as a reimbursement).


1800 052 222*  *Charges may apply to calls from mobile phones 


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