Anna’s journey

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Anna is a 16-year-old carer who joined the Young Carer Group at school after becoming a young carer for her father with a mental health condition.

Anna was supported by a Young Carer worker to develop a care plan to ensure that she received the supports needed to look after her dad, succeed at school and spend time with her friends.

As part of the care plan Anna accessed cooking lessons with a friend so she could learn to prepare nutritious meals while sharing memories with her friend.

Anna was connected to the Young Carer Bursary Program [link to news article] to apply for a scholarship of $3000 which she used to buy a new computer and pay for tutoring, both of which helped her to graduate Year 10 and move forward with her education.

Balancing life as a young carer proved to be stressful at times. To help Anna manage her emotions, she was connected with a Carer Gateway Counsellor to build her understanding and skills, but mostly so she had someone to talk to who understood what she was going through.

Together we can share the care with young carers.

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