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Safeguarding Carers Against Abuse

People can sometimes be abused by another person close to them - a family member, friend, carer or paid worker. Yet all people have the right to live their lives free from neglect, abuse and exploitation. This brochure outlines what abuse is and what support is out there for you.


Safeguarding Carers Against Financial Abuse

Financial abuse is the improper use of a person's money or property without their knowledge or permission. This brochure outlines the steps you can take to minimise the risks and opportunities for abuse and who you can call for help.

Abuse: Safeguarding Carers at Risk

Abuse can be physical, psychological, financial, sexual or neglect. Older people are especially at risk. This useful poster shows four steps to keeping carers safe from risk: look for signs of stress, be there for the carer, explore support options, and be proactive in the community.

Had The Last Word

Pre-planning your funeral isn't a nice thing to think about, but it actually creates peace of mind and can give guidance to your loved ones.

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Aged Care Report Card

Aged Care Report Card has launched the first consumers and health professionals ratings and reviews website.
Carers ACT proudly supports ACRC, which has recognised the need for such a tool to support family carers. Check out the site at:

Disability Action Plan

Carers ACT is committed to supporting people with disability, including staff and clients.  While this has been astrong part of our work for many years, we have now formalised this through the development of a Disability Action Plan which will be lodged with the Human Rights Commission.  We have made the following commitments:

COMMITMENT 1: Support employment of people with disability within Carers ACT.

COMMITMENT 2: Maintain and enhance the suite of direct services available to people with disability.

COMMITMENT 3: Improve access to Carers ACT services for people with disability.

Medicines and Dementia

Medicines do not have to be part of your care plan for dementia, and if they are, they do not have to play a large role in your life.

NPS MedicineWise and Alzheimer’s Australia have prepared downloadable materials to help you ask questions and talk with people close to you and the health professionals involved in your care about how you would like to be supported.

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