Young Carers Program

At Carers ACT, we know that being a young carer can be difficult. It is important to know that no carer, regardless of age, has to go it alone. We have people who can help

You may frequently miss school or lack time to finish homework. You may feel distracted or unconnected with your teachers and other students. You might even be considering leaving school because you find it hard to cope.

The Young Carer team can help if you are at risk of leaving school or a vocational training program early because of your caring responsibilities.

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Some of the ways we can help include:

  • organising short-term respite to take a break and have some fun
  • coordinating in-home support
  • providing assistance with education costs and extracurricular activity fees
  • supplying information, advice and referral services
  • giving practical support to help maintain school attendance and grades
  • referral to counselling, support groups and activities

Be sure to check the events calendar for the next young carers support group in your area.

Am I eligible for the Young Carers program?

Young carers are children and young people up to 25 years old who provide care for a parent, a sibling or extended family member.

To access services, young carers do not need to be the primary carer. Assessment of each individual situation helps determine the impact of the caring role on the young carer and their need for support, so call the Carer Advisory Line 1800 052 222 (free from local phones, mobile phone charges) to see how we can help.