Carers ACT is a non-government, not-for-profit association that relies on public and private sector support to fulfill its mission with, and on behalf of, carers.

Our organisational documents outline the strategic and governance framework in which we operate and are essential for our accountability to our members, funding bodies and supporters.

Carers ACT is a company limited by guarantee which operates with a strong membership base. The organisation is governed by a Board elected by the members and functions in accordance with the Carers ACT Constitution, updated in 2014

Carers ACT's Strategic Plan

Carers ACT would like to thank the input of family carers, members of the board and the staff within Carers ACT in the development of this three year plan. In addition we are gratefuil to the funding bodies, community members and partners who have worked with us to improve the lives of carers and their families.

2015-16 Annual Report

Recent years have been monumental for the carer movement. Follow the image to read our annual reports and find out how we have contributed.


These documents comprise information gathered from carers and service providers to keep us aware of our performance in regards to our vision, mission and strategy.